60cm DTF Printer

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Print Head: Epson I3200/4720 Optional
Print Width: 60cm/600mm
Print Media: PET Release Film
  • Print Head:
    Epson I3200
    Epson 4720
  • Printheads Number:
    3(Fluorescent Solution)
  • Powder Shaking Machine:
    70cm Heating
    120cm Heating
Description Review
PO-TRY DTF Printer
↑ New Upgrade
PO-TRY DTF Printer 1.0 Version
PO-TRY DTF Printer 2.0 Version
Product Feature
1. Equipped with original Epson-authorized printheads
high printing accuracy
printhead,print head,i3200 printhead
2. Suitable for all clothes, and textile fabric
you can do personalized custom printing of t-shirts, sweaters, jerseys, jeans, canvas bags, and other clothing textile fabrics, such as aprons, and even shoes.
3. Unique print head arrangement with a patent for the invention
Occupies little space on the small carriage, low adjustment difficulty. (Other manufacturers' print heads arrangement is eliminated by us, the precision adjustment is difficult, occupying a large space for the print head’s frame
4. Integrated Print Head Wipers
not easy to scrape the print heads, and long motor life
5. Anti-collision frame
Protect the print head
6. 10mm THK mute guide rail
high printing accuracy and more stable printing
7. 8mm thick 7075 Aluminum Raw Material Main Beam
Smoothly printing and high printing accuracy
8. Germany IGUS ink chain
Separate discharge of ink tubes and circuits to reduce respective interference
9. 180dpi Raster Strip
others: 150pdi
10. Individually adjustable pinch roller(16mm wide)
3-level adjustable, Suitable for different temperature and humidity climates, suitable for different printing materials
11. DIA=20mm Stepper shaft&Japan NSK bearing
Better printing accuracy
12. Printing platform with intelligent FM suction system
Stable adsorption of DTF film, no deflection
13. Front and rear guide plate heating system with intelligent temperature adjustment
Removal of the middle heating section to prevent printhead clogging
14. Built-in Mirror on the left
Easily and conveniently observing the situation of the print head.
15. White ink circulation system with peristaltic pumps
It can be opened for a long time without damaging the ink tube
16. Ink Cartridges all with low ink alarm and white ink Cartridges equipped with a white ink mixer
Prevent ink set to damage the print heads
About the printing cost
$1.5 T-shirt cost $0.2 Ink cost $1.7 Whole Cost
$1.7 Self-made   $20 Selling   $18 Earning/ 1 T-shirt
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May 26, 2022
Very easy to use
Apr 15, 2022
This is the third time I have purchased potry's DTF printer and consumables. Their products are not the cheapest, but they are really stable. There are few failures. If there are problems, I can help deal with them in time, which makes me very relieved and will continue to cooperate
Mar 26, 2022
would buy again from potry if we need other models.
Mar 16, 2022
satisfied with POTRY's product and serivice.
Dec 15, 2021
Really professional supplier,nice after-service provided.

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