The sublimation printing is different from the general DTF printing

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Update time : 2022-10-28 11:18:20

The two twin brothers of DTF printing and sublimation printing process have common points, and they are suitable for clothing and textiles. These two technical properties are often comparable in the sales market, which is exactly the same. Let ’s take a look at the difference between the two?

The life of sublimation printing and DTF printing process is different!

1. Color difference: DTF painting can achieve the actual effect of the photo. The DTF machine only needs to give a clear initial document (vector picture) to achieve the actual effect of the photo. The actual effect of the DTF machine is not comparable to the hot print. The higher the polyester ingredients of the paper scalding fabric, the gorgeous the color. Naturally, it is also related to the temperature and time of the hot seal. The higher the temperature of the hot print, the longer the time, the gorgeous the color.

2. The hot print temperature is different from time: Generally speaking, the hot print temperature is between 130-150 degrees, and the time is around 6-10 seconds (naturally different thermal solution of the manufacturer's application Time is likely to be different, but most of them are like that), which increases the temperature of the paper in the middle of 200-230 degrees, and the time is around 15-20 seconds.

3. The touch after the scalding is different: there is hot -soluble gum on the opposite side of the hot seal, so the scalding prints feels very touching on the fabric, as if some items are attached to the surface of the fabric, and it feels a bit hard. The promotion paper is printed with ink penetrating into the fabric, so it is called improvement. It feels soft and soft.

4. Cleaning color fastness is different: Generally speaking, the cleaning color of DTF is not as good as improving paper, but the quality of the DTF print is different. The key to the difference in the quality of the scalding printer is ductility and cleanliness. Improving paper does not have this feature. Generally speaking, the hot paintings made by our enterprise can reach the water cleaning color fastness of the water, the B -level product can reach the level 4 water washing color, and the C -level product can also reach the level 3 water washing color accuracy (Both can be detected according to GSG).

5. Different fabrics of hot printing: hot prints can be scalded with all fabrics such as knitted fabrics, textiles, polyester, no anti -cloth, and waterproof Oxford cloth. Raising paper can only be scalded in fabrics with light colors or milky white polyester cloth. The more polyester ingredients, the gorgeous the color.

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