How to start DTF business?

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Update time : 2022-08-30 09:33:07
Step 1 Choose Business Premise
When starting a DTF business, you will encounter various problems. Today, let's take a close look at what steps are needed?

Selecting a business venue is the first step. DTF covers an area of only 5 square feets, plus the operation space for cloth storage and aisle, you only need to have 100 square feets to operate.

Take the machine in the left picture as an example, the printer plus the oven covers about 36.7 square feet.

Step 2 Equipment and comsumables
Once we have the business venue, we need to choose the DTF printer package. 
Usually, we will offer one whole kit to match the customer needs, which includes:

1. DTF printer
2. Oven
3. Heat press machine
4. Consumables ( pet flim, hot melt powder, dtf ink)

Step 3 Prepare Printing Medium
Next, we're going to source the printing fabric medium. Mainly based on pure cotton fabrics, for example black or white T shirts. And it does not require tedious pretreatment of the t-shirts.

Instead of printing on regular paper, printing is done on a special PET film in the printer feed. The printer will first print the fully coloured image as the first layer, then a full white coloured layer on top.

DTF printing is more durable compared to DTG printing .Print finish feels soft and comfortable.
Step 4 Installation and Test machine

Once DTF machine and printing materials are in place, we need to install and test the printing effect. For specific operation details, you can refer to the installation guide video provided by the sales consultant, or you can link to our technical consultant online.

In addition, you can also receive free samples of our patterns for printing color tests.If you encounter any problems, our professional service team will help you solve them in time.

Step 5 Variable Cost Formula
Compared with other industries, the variable cost of DTF business is the lowest. DTF business does not require a lot of labor costs or high venue rental costs. The unit cost of printing a T shirt is 50 cents only, and the total variable cost with T-shirt is 2.5 dollars.

One set of DTF printer with 4 heads can print 1,000 T-shirts per day, costing only 50 cents per pcs. There is no doubt that the DTF business is one of the most valuable industries for investment in 2022.  The specific parameters of the product are as follows, you can also contact our professional service consultant:

$2.5 $30 $0.20 1280sq.ft
Variable Cost per pcs Unit Sales Cost per pcs Ink Cost per pcs Printing Spead per day
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