10 Things Precautions for install printhead(printing head)

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  At present, Epson printheads are widely used in a variety of digital printers, the impact of the printhead on the printer is also quite large, in the new purchase of digital printer or replacement and the installation of new printheads must be noted.
  Here are some important tips for the Installation of a print head

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1, The installation of the printer head is very critical, the main reason is that the print head is expensive and delicate, installation errors may greatly affect the normal printing state of the piezoelectric nozzle! That is to say, a little carelessness will lead to damage to your printheads! So it is necessary to know that the installation of the printer headnotes! Please be sure to follow the instructions to operate to avoid damage to the printhead due to improper operation to bring you unnecessary losses.

Before installing the printhead, first ensure that the machine is in normal movement, the machine ground is connected to the perfect, the voltage on the carriage board is normal, and the voltage of the printhead power supply is normal! The easiest way is to use a multimeter to measure whether the machine has static electricity, the voltage of the carriage board, as well as the power supply voltage of the printhead, and the general Epson five-generation printhead power supply voltage of 42V DC!

Test all aspects of the machine movement are normal in the software, the encoder sensor is normal, and the indicator is normal! Installed before the installer's hands touch the conductive body for two-handed discharge, the operator's hands can not have sweat or vapor, because touching the printhead line plug once inserted into the printhead may lead to a short-circuit printhead! Also, remember not to wear plastic sheeting type of clothing prone to static electricity, it is best to have static rings on both hands when conditions permit. Installation must first turn off the power supply, and the power cord unplugged!

The general printhead has more than 2 flat cables, check whether the plug line of the wire is warped pins, whether flat, it is best to use the new plug line, plug in the printhead with the plug line, plug firmly do not have any tilt. The flat cable scale is generally divided into positive and negative, one side of the contact circuit, the other side does not contact the circuit, the direction should not be wrong, inserted must be checked several times to confirm that there are no problems in the nozzle installed in the cart frame.

Flat cable connected to the carriage board: first of all, the machine should be operated without electricity in the case of power off! Can not be the wrong location, the nozzle out of the corresponding position of the line must be clear before you do it, there is hesitation or uncertainty must not be installed first to try, be sure to consult the manufacturer or ask for the correct plug line location pictures, or take pictures before the demolition of the replacement in addition to each line are marked! Prevent plugging in the time of no way to start! Because the consequences will be very serious, once the possibility of errors burn head very high, because the function of the flat cable is not the same, insert the wrong is bound to burn head! There is also the direction of the head of the plug that can not be reversed off, once the plug is reversed although it is possible that the head will not burn, there are chances. Double-checked must be made after inserting the cable.

Please make sure to check three to five times after installation to confirm that there is no problem after the power supply, Better don’t turn off the printhead at the start, first with the ink pump to lead the ink over, and then turn on the printhead power, except if the whole machine on a power switch, first check whether the flash spray normal, flash spray normally to prove the success of the installation. Flash spray is not normal, please immediately turn off the power supply to check whether there is a problem elsewhere, which is under the state of confirming the new printhead.

The installation of the printhead must be careful, before the installation of the work at all, and be organized in a clear manner.

Before installing the machine to check whether the printhead is a new printhead is also very critical.

Insert the ink capsule when never let the ink drip onto the data cable, because the ink flowing down the data cable will directly into the circuit, into the circuit may cause a short circuit directly burn the head.

Better choose high-quality ink for the
digital printer, while paying more attention to the maintenance of the machine and the printhead, to extend the life of the printhead.

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